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The Stray Pursuit is a Swansea-based Alternative Rock band. Taking their musical influence from bands such as Stereophonics, Kasabian, and The Enemy. Their eclectic individual music taste makes each song distinctively their own; with guitar heavy riffs and powerful, catchy vocals.

The four-piece consists of the lead singer, Aaron Morgan; lead guitarist, Dylan Evans; bassist, Fred Wilkinson; drummer, Ben Lewis, and they had their first gig in November 2018. They sold out the famous Swansea music venue Sin City in March 2019 with their debut single release show of “Out of This World”. Since then, they have released 3 more singles and have featured on This Feelings ‘Big in 2020’, playing gigs as far as The Dublin Castle, Camden.

As a result of the pandemic, and Fred finishing university, the boys took a hiatus until June 2022. Since then, TSP have been in the practice room working relentlessly to perfect new tracks and tighten up their enthralling live performances.

The boys have been in the studio recording their first EP at Longwave Studios with Romesh Dodangoda in Cardiff. They plan to release their debut EP by December 2023. They are also in the process of booking a tour, so stay tuned for the coming months!